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WhyCry Baby Crying Analyzer

WhyCry Baby Crying AnalyzerWhen Your Baby Cries, Now You'll Know Why

Baby's cry for the same reason that adults talk — to communicate. Babies can cry when they are hungry, bothered, uncomfortable, suffering from colic, feel cold or hot, need to be stimulated, or just want to be picked up and held in your arms.

If you're a parent, sometimes it's difficult to know what your baby needs - and this can cause stress on you and your baby. This is especially true when you have an incredibly fussy baby who cries A LOT.

Babies' crying is a source of worry and uneasiness for many parents. When your baby cries, often you don't know why your baby is crying and you can get nervous, stressed, tense, and feel anxious and incompetent - which often makes the situation worse.

As time goes by, parents are usually able to identify what their baby needs or wants by the sound of her crying. Until then, to know what she needs, caregivers must proceed with the method of trial and error. The Why Cry can help you understand your baby's cries faster and more accurately.

The Why Cry Helps Parents ' and Babies

The Why Cry Baby Crying Analyzer is a new, innovative device that analyzes your baby's crying and can help you understand and identify why your baby is crying.

As featured on the Discovery Channel, the WhyCry Baby Crying Analyzer is the result of a father's concern about not being able to understand why his son did not stop crying. Pedro Monagas started in 1998 a research and development process that took four years.

His testing found the following:

  1. It concluded that there are five main categories regarding a baby's communication: hunger, sleep, annoyance, boredom, and stress.
  2. It confirmed that behind each of those categories there is always the same pattern and similar body language.
  3. A technology was developed to recognize in real time the pattern of a crying baby.
  4. The main recommendations to calm down a baby in each situation were summarized.
How Does the WhyCry Work?

The Why Cry "hears" the crying and the sounds go to the microphone. The Why Cry device digitally processes the signal and then the indicator lights up showing why the baby is crying.

What Does It analyze?

The crying power
Correlation with an established pattern
Crying intervals

How Do You Use the WhyCry?

Turn ON the Why-Cry device

Press the reset button

Put the Why Cry at the distance indicated in the distance table, following baby's weight

Check the green led indicator turn to a clicking indication.

Wait for 20 seconds to collect crying sounds. A prognostic led will turn ON.

When in doubt, review body language to have a more accurate interpretation of the prognosis

Babies do not always cry the same, so the WhyCry device provides a guide to learn how to recognize different patterns.

Why Cry does not only analyze the cry of your baby, it also provides useful advice to help calm your baby down.

IMPORTANT: Distance based on baby's weight. Silence about 35 dbA

  • No similar device like it
  • Reduces all crying parameters to five categories
  • Has been tried out in nursery schools with completely satisfactory results
  • Has been clinically tested, obtaining a success ratio of 95%
  • A survey carried out among first-time parents showed 98% reliability

NOTE: In order for the Why-Cry to work properly, it should not be placed next to any electronics (cell phone, radios, etc.) Recommended for use during the first 10 months. Operates on AA batteries.

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